A Brief Note On Alcoholism And The Effect On Health

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Running head: Alcoholism and the Effect on Health 1 Assessment 1: Academic Paper Question: Critically analyse how society impacts on a social issue that relates to health in some way. You may choose any social issue as long as it can be related to health of the individual Use one or more relevant sociological theories to support your analysis. Name: Maddison Tighe Student Number: 20141257 University: University of Notre Dame Australia Course: Bachelor of Nursing Unit Code: NB101 Unit Coordinator: Dr Judith Wilson Tutor: Denise Barron Submission date/time: September 4th 2016 @ 23:59 Alcohol is a huge social use for those in Australia. However many see it to be a large health problem. Australians have always been a lover of alcohol, it is a beverage that is used socially for many, but for others, it can be the one thing that can get them through every day. Most Australians are unaware of the health effects caused by alcohol addiction. Alcohol addiction is one of the largest health and illness problems in Australian society (Abstract, 2015). Because of health and illness problems, there are behavioural problems that can follow. An example of this is when people get drunk they often do something they will always regret (Fitzgerald & Jordan, 2009). Thus it affects other people that are around them. Alcohol causes several physical problems and deaths. Physical problems caused by excessive alcohol intake shows that excessive drinkers reduced
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