A Brief Note On Alternative And Specialized Assignment

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Podiatrist/Chiropodist- Alternative and Specialized Assignment History Your feet are vital functions for movement and balance. They are the stems of your body that inform and coincide with your other body parts for your body to move. The record of feet goes thousands of years back to 1500-2400 B.C, where the ancient Egyptians demonstrated the significant acknowledgement of the feet and hands. The limbs were notably carved on the entrance of Ankamahor’s tomb. This profession was ostracized by the healthcare field due to the credibility and respect that was lacking. It wasn’t until later that Podiatry made its way to the surface of health society and evolved the line of work. Dr. Stanley R. Kalish and Dr. Harold D. Schoenhaus, played a fundamental role in the podiatry evolvement, with their constant contributions to the podiatry pursuit, their education and philosophy has extended itself to students and other physicians. (E.Learning, 2014) Education Requirements Before becoming a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, it will take on average eight years of study at the university level. These steps in order: 1) Graduating from a four year accredited university in a science program (receiving an undergraduate degree). 2) Four years at an accredited College of Podiatric Medicine. 3) The future doctor must also complete 1-3 years of hospital residency. Like many other health fields, to become fully licensed to practice, a graduate must pass board exams and provincial licensing

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