A Brief Note On American Airlines Flight 1420

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American Airlines Flight 1420
Christian, Gonzalez

SFTY 330- Aircraft Accident Investigation
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
April 20, 2015 Abstract
Flight 1420 of American Airlines claimed the lives of 11 passengers on June 1, 1999. From the NTSB report one can conclude that there were several human factors that contributed to the accident of American Airlines flight 1420. Examples include unsafe acts by the pilots, violations that represent a willful disregard for the rules and regulations that govern safe flight as well as fatigue and substandard practices of operators which in this case include communication and coordination between the pilots and the air traffic controller. This paper will talk about these
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The unsafe acts of aircrew can be loosely classified into two categories: errors and violations (Reason, 1990). In this particular accident the pilots both made errors and violated the rules and regulations implemented by American Airlines. The two factors I believe played a vital role in this accident are unsafe acts of the pilots which include error and violation and precondition for unsafe acts which includes adverse mental state.
Pilot error falls under the unsafe act of the HFACS model. In the NTSB report it is stated air traffic controller in Little Rock, AK warned the American Airlines dispatcher that there was a storm heading to Little Rock but the dispatcher was confident that the pilots could make it before the storm hit. As they proceeded to fly, they were in contact with the air traffic controller in Little Rock, AK who was sending them reports of the current weather conditions. Several times they had to change their flying path to land on a certain runway since the storm was a factor in this incident. This only caused the pilots to have a heavy workload in keeping track of certain storm elements such as the rain, the clouds and the wind. By having these distractions it can be concluded that the pilot was not able to determine his exact location while
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