A Brief Note On American Health Insurance System

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Final Exam Paper TaeHyuk Hur American Healthcare System Northeastern University Final Exam TaeHyuk Hur American Healthcare System Northeastern University Part 1 Medicare and Medicaid are the largest health insurance system in the United States that provides to Americans age of 65 or older. It is also provided to certain younger people with disabilities, and people who are suffering from end stage of renal disease (ESRD). Medicare, Title XVIII of the Social Security Act, was signed into law in July 30th, 1965 by President Johnson. The program was originally called “Health Insurance for the Aged and Disabled” [1] There are divided into four parts of Medicare. Medicare A covers inpatient care in hospital up to 90 days each benefit period, home care, or skilled nursing care facility up to 100 days each benefit period if the American citizen worked and paid taxes for at least ten years. Medicare B covers doctor visits, preventive care, lab tests, x-ray and outpatient services with paying a monthly premium. In 1997, Medicare C allowed private insurance to provide Medicare Benefit. Lastly, Part D helps people with prescription drug expense and protect to increase cost in the future. [1] The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 was signed into law and many provisions were added to Medicare reform. During first enrollment period, 85 percent of those who signed up qualified for federal subsidies to decrease the cost of the insurance, according
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