A Brief Note On An E Commerce Organization

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BuildDirect, an e-commerce organization in the home improvement division, began with only two employees. However, they experienced rapid growth in less than a decade. Sustaining the original culture, vision, and mission can become a challenging endeavor for organizations like BuildDirect to overcome through periods of expansion. In order for BuildDirect to maintain their original vision, they must a) hire individuals who fit the skills and culture, b) have leadership role model the culture and behaviors they wish to see in the organization, and c) remain flexible and keep an open mind on the natural progression of the organization’s culture. About BuildDirect Background BuildDirect was co-founded in 1999 by Jeff Booth, President and CEO, and Robert Banks, Executive Officer. BuildDirect is headquartered in Vancouver, BC and has several warehouses in North America. BuildDirect strives to create an exciting work environment and is currently on the list of the “Best 50 Small & Medium Employers.” Their customer markets are located in Canada, the U.S., and sixty countries worldwide. In present day, BuildDirect is a world leader in e-commerce wholesaling of home building materials and floorings. BuildDirect was able to change how suppliers should sell and distribute home improvement products. Additionally, BuildDirect was able to change the customer online shopping experience within home improvement products (About BuildDirect, 2014). BuildDirect had transformed the traditional
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