A Brief Note On An Hour Without Technology

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Reaction Paper #4
“An Hour Without Technology”
An hour without technology this should be a piece of cake, right. Wrong. The first point in my day when I observed my reliance on technology was when I walked into the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee. As a approach my wonderful Keurig coffee maker (that brews a fabulous espresso in little as one minute), I laughed within myself because for a second I wondered if this would be considered using technology, it was then I realized being in the house was not going to work; especially on my day off. In an attempt to remove myself completely from technology, I decided to treat myself to lunch in the park. It’s been a long time since I’ve had (what I like to call) “Me Time” and this was the
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No buzzing, beeping, or ringing for the next hour.
It took me about 5-15 minutes to settle my mind because my thoughts were all over the place. Although I no longer worried about the phone, my mind drifted to (believe it or not) Blackboard. Did I have an assignment due today? Was i supposed to respond to an email? Was i suppose to post something? I was feeling a little nervous and anxious and out of habit reach for the phone. There was nothing I could do about it because I had no phone to check. So I forced myself to calm down by closing my eyes and inhaled-exhaled. I told myself that when i opened my eyes I would enjoy my surrounding and relax, relax and relax. I opened eyes and realized that it was so peaceful out there. No hustling, bustling, or rushing to get things done. No kids because they’re all in school. It’s just nature and me. The sky is crystal clear and amazing to look at. Although some of the trees were dying and ugly to look at, I realized that I had not notice that before. When I first arrived at the park I saw a tree that was healthy looking and assume that they all looked that way. I was wrong. I began to wonder how many other small significant things I missed because my mind was online or my ears glued to the phone. Although that thought crossed my mind, i was still relaxed and honestly enjoyed this time alone.

Funny things is that as the day went on, the easier it got. Yes, the first 15 minutes were kind of rough because I felt like
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