A Brief Note On Animal Endangerment And Vulnerability

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In this essay I shall be looking at a few practitioners consisting of Illustrators, painters and film makers; each create awareness in their own unique and distinguishable form for the subject of animal endangerment and vulnerability. I shall also be studying which socially engaging visual practice is most effective and why. It is thought that scientists have discovered only 17.5 million species on this world; which seems quite a significant amount but when also considering that it’s only thought that 20% of them are estimated to live, it seems like nothing. Unfortunately, not every single animal and organism can be protected from such problems as deforestation, climate change, illegal wildlife trading, pollution, oil and gas development. One example would be ‘ forests cover 31% of the land area on our planet; they produce vital oxygen and provide homes for people and wildlife. Many of the worlds most threatened and endangered animals live in the forests, and 1.6 million people rely on the benefits the forests offer’ (World Wildlife, 2015). Animal endangerment is a subject we are all very aware of but the majority of us fall into the sad category of not actually doing anything about it. Many groups and organisations and committed to helping keep these animals protected; although this alone has a massive impact on wildlife as donations not only keep animals safe but you can actually adopt and take care of one. To protect and conserve nature sounds like it should be one of

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