A Brief Note On Animal Extinction And Its Effect On Society

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Tehilla Silverberg
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Research Paper 2 Animal extinction is a tremendous problem in our society. Every year more and more animals are going extinct. If we don’t do something to stop it we could see massive animal extinction is our lifetime. In nearly 100 years from now we could lose about 50% of the world 's species. The next generation won 't experience the wildlife that is still out there if we don 't make a change.
Every species in our universe is part of a web. If one specie on the web goes the whole thing slowly starts to fall apart, and when I say species I mean humans included. There were five major extinctions in our world history. The Ordanican, Devonian, Permian, Triassic Jurassic, and the K-t extinction. These five major extinctions were all brought out by different causes, and we are now well on our way into the sixth extinction, and the cause is very clearly, us the humans. We are the cause of our own downfall. We are the cause of the sixth extinction. We are now in an era of anthropocene, which is the era of the humans and what happens to our world is in our hands. We are capable of protecting our world or destroying it. We need to mend the problems we have already caused.
Animal extinction is directly caused from human activity such as habitat destruction, overfishing, and climate change. Climate change occurs from increase in carbon dioxide. Just about everything we do releases carbon dioxide. The way we heat and air condition our homes,…
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