A Brief Note On Annual Research Day Experience

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Annual Research Day Experience
The Annual Research Day is an event where various researches are used to educate future and current nurses. This event supports current nurses in continuous education while it shows student nurses the importance of these sessions. Continuous education can consist of various topics that either people are trying to improve on or recent studies have proved. The Research Day had six various topics, including VTE prevention, patient centered care, ethics, spirituality need, and more. With the participation in these events from current and future nurses will not only improve themselves, but improve the care of their patients.
Prior to Attending the Research Day
Before attending the Annual Research Day, I did not know what to expect. I never understood the importance of continuous education and I could not be bothered to be interested in participating in such events in the future. Since this was a required event to go to for class, I had the mindset of it being useless, boring, and a waste of time. I thought it would just be a bunch of information that I would not be able to comprehend, therefore I showed no excitement attending this four hour event. Not only did I have this mindset, but my fellow colleagues as well, which peer pressured me into thinking the worse. Before attending this event, I believed there was no point being forced to go and that I was not going to get anything from it, but I was actually proven wrong.
After Attending…
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