A Brief Note On Apologetics Capstone

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Kirby Rector
Mr. Jordan
Apologetics 12
November 1, 2016
Apologetics Capstone Paper
Thinking back to the opening of life on earth as we know it, there are many questions that go unanswered that cause a lack of faith in many people’s lives. Who is God? How were we created? Many people studying this matter tend to overlook one of the biggest pieces of evidence known to man which is the bible. In the very beginning the bible opens like this, in the beginning God created the heaven and the earths. (Genesis 1:1) The very first line in this ginormous book states who created the heavens and the earth, God. Since the opening of the world around us God has implemented rules and laws for us as his people to uphold. But even with these laws emplace people still ask questions like, how does god want us to live our lives? I am no expert on the matter of creation and certainly not of the rules imposed by the heavenly body, but I believe that God has intended us to live a life full of sin not on purpose but because he recognizes we are flawed as humans, born with sinful tendencies. I also believe that God has but us here with a plan, and within that plan he expects us to show glimpses of his glory through different aspects of life. God understands human’s sinful tendencies and through this creates a healthy balanced lifestyle by combining Christianity with human nature through culture, music, and school.
Culture is an important part of various countries and religions…
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