A Brief Note On Automated Car Braking System Essay

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Automated car braking system.

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Statement of Purpose:
In recent years road accidents are common issue . Every government take many steps to solve this issue but could not solve it . Maximum accidents occur for driving unconsciously . Most time drivers avoid traffic rules . Changing lanes continuously is another reason . Most time drivers drives cars at high speed and whenever he saw any object in front of him he can’t control his speed that’s why accident occurs . If we can control this speed by decelerating cars speed then this accident rate will reduce . So I want to research in this topic to control braking system automatically . My point of view is if car brake can be controlled by detecting object position in front of it accident may not occur and we can have a safe road system [1] .
Research Proposal:
Automated car braking system is most recent topic of automation . In our current era automated cars are needed to bring whole system in modern technology . It can reduce our traffic jams as well as our extra money that used for a driver. Using a automated system is a good idea cause it can detect anything faster than human . Like if we think of a model which is automated car it can detect object cars speed as well as its distance . So it can easily control steering and brake based on this data .
2. Literature Review :
If we think about automation the first thing comes to our mind is robot.

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