A Brief Note On Automotive Pollution And Its Effect On Our Environment

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Zach Twerdok Professor Emily Rodgers 12 December 2014 UCOR Automotive Pollution “There 's so much pollution in the air now that if it weren 't for our lungs there 'd be no place to put it all” (Robert Orben Pollution Quotes). People all around the world rely on cars and trucks for transportation everyday. Over a one year time period, an estimated 4 billion 160 million tons of pollution is released by automobiles. Not only is this harmful towards our environment, but this issue kills up to 10,000 people in only one nation, but in other countries, such as our own, the death toll increases by an additional 50,000 per year due to automotive pollution. Automotive emissions is damaging to humans and to the earth, but only more efficient…show more content…
Environmental Protection Agency). These particles are multiplied in gas guzzlers, some more than three times the average amount. “Some air pollutants cars can be deposited on soil and water where they enter the food chain. These substances can affect the reproductive, respiratory, and neurological systems of animals. Nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides are major contributors to acid rain, changing the pH of waterways and soils and can harm the organisms that rely on these resources“ (How Does Car Pollution Affect The environment?). America is a growing country and with a growing country comes more cars purchases. The latest census found there 330 million people living in the United States and over 250 million cars registered to citizens. (Cause of Car Emissions)This is about one and a half cars per person. Estimates state that there are a million cars sold in the U.S. on average per year, “Automobiles emit 8% of the nation 's particulate pollution, also known as soot. Soot pollution can cause heart and respiratory disease and aggravate respiratory problems.”(Car Buying Guide) The population is facing more and more diseases because of the usage of cars and the overwhelming number of people living in our country. In other countries such as china and india where it is much more densely populated than America the pollution effect it has on the people results in more health problems and even deaths. A in a study
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