A Brief Note On Becoming A Cardiovascular Technologist

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Why I am doing what I’m doing
I am working on becoming a cardiovascular technologist in pediatrics. There are many reasons why I have chosen this field. First, I think that working with children is so much different than working with adults. Mostly, the children that will be seen in cardiac offices are going to be children that have congenital heart disease; meaning that they were born with deformations that developed in utero. They can range from being a very sick and fragile child to a child that only had to receive a routine repair. I would like to be the person that works with a sonographic or echocardiograph machine. I will be doing scans of these children’s cardiac anatomy and mapping out the 3D model that the cardiac / thoracic surgeons need to do surgery correctly and safely. Another reason that I would like to work in pediatrics and not adults is because children have not done anything to trash their bodies. They are not dying from cholesterol blockages and drug overdoses or heart and lung disease from smoking. Children are so pure and have done nothing to their bodies. Every heart that I am going to be working with is going to be unique. Meaning that every heart will have its own deformations. I find this fascinating. Lastly, I want to work in this field because I lost my son four months ago because his cardiovascular map wasn’t investigated as much as it obviously should have been. He was born with a very complex anatomy. He died from a preventable surgical…
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