A Brief Note On Bill C 36 And Its Effects On Women And Girls

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Bill C-36 was introduced on June 4, 2014 with “the overall objective of reducing the demands for prostitution with a view to discouraging entry into it, deterring participants in it and ultimately abolishing it to the greatest extent possible” (Department of Justice Canada, 2014, p. 3). According to the Department of Justice 's Technical Paper, this paradigm shift operates under the view of prostitution as a form of sexual exploitation that negatively and disproportionately impacts on women and girls. The new law is referred to as “made-in-Canada” model which makes prostitution per se not illegal, but “directly targets the demand” for prostitution (Department of Justice Canada, 2014). Minister of Justice and Attorney General of
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Additional prohibitions are placed on any advertising for sexual services which include newspapers, online, or other forms of media (Department of Justice Canada, 2014). This policy is greatly influenced by the Swedish Model argues that it is society’s responsibility to outlaw the purchase of sexual services on the understanding that ‘women are vulnerable’ and sex trade is never a choice (Cosh, 2014). Mainly, the new prohibitions will be supported by $20 million in new funding, with an emphasis on programs that can help individuals exit prostitution.
Disagreements to Bill C- 36 From analysing my research, I disagree with the proposed amendments. According to Van der Meulen (2013) this bill is supposed to protect the sex workers, however, it is hypocritical in which it puts the sex workers at increase harm. This paradigm is associated with a paternalistic view that ignores the issues of consent and choice. I believe violence against women must never be tolerated whereas; the Bill C-36 fails to address the issues to protect women in the sex trade industry. Canada’s justice minister insists that once passed, the Conservative government’s new prostitution bill will mean safer conditions for sex workers, “the ultimate goal, however, is to end the sex trade in Canada altogether” (O’Malley, 2014). Along the same lines, Conservative Sen. Donald Plett said “of course don’t want to make life safe for prostitutes; we can’t to
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