A Brief Note On Boko Haram And The Fulani Militants

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material. However, some religiously inspired individuals and groups have expressed intention in their terrorist propaganda to use CBRN materials in terrorist attacks with an attempt to cause mass casualties. However in late December 2013, an anarchist organisation in Greece intended to carry out a CBRN scenario involving food poisoning. In 2014 there was a significant increase in private citizens as victims of terrorism. These attacks were mainly carried out by three groups: Boko Haram, Fulani militants and ISIL. All groups use different tactics. Boko Haram and the Fulani militants mainly use automatic weapons and have very high levels of fatalities per attack, whereas ISIL mainly target private citizens using explosives and bombings. The…show more content…
Also, groups religiously inspired terrorism have developed plans to counter efforts to suspend their accounts or discredit their messages in the social media. The EUROPOL, 2015 reports that the accounts have multiplied of groups that are spreading propaganda and to use a range of social media platforms. The terrorist group propaganda material is broadly disseminated through social media – including mainstream platforms such as Twitter, and is no longer confined to password-protected dark corners of the online world. One of the media platforms is Twitter who undertook suspensions of accounts that were vital for the dissemination of terrorist propaganda. Islamic State used one of the networks of accounts. In response, like right-wing extremist groups before it, Islamic State tried to migrate to alternative platforms, but was quickly confronted with the suspension of its accounts. Given the difficulties, IS seemed to have abandoned maintaining its network of social media accounts centrally and has sought to rely on a growing network of supporters to disseminate its messages (EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report (TE-SAT) 2014). With the rise of social networking, hate propagators have evolved their techniques. It is apparent that they present themselves in a friendly and appealing way to attract young followers. Humour and satire are used to disguise hate speech. With regard to
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