A Brief Note On Bone Strength / Protection

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The most compelling statements told a story of proven efficacy. That story starts with the benefit of strengthening and protecting bones from fracture with data to make the benefit seem real and achievable. Then, many women add a little bit of science to explain how Prolia works. This also makes the benefit more robust. Importantly, one shot every six months pushes the benefit to new heights because women imagine overcoming the hassles associated with oral therapies. Non-Prolia users are further convinced by Prolia’s decade-long legacy, which helps on-board reluctant patients who fear fads when it comes to medication

Bone Strength/Protection is what women are looking for in a treatment, and the the dual “gain” benefit is powerful for
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Strengthen AND protect is valuable – A/F, STL
Reduces the fracture through strengthening – P, STL
I like the bone density mention. It’s important to increase bone density to strengthen and protect bones – NT, STL
It’s proven to do what I need it to do. Gives me great confidence, reading that – P, NJ
It’s proven to help. I like the word “proven” – makes it seem scientifically tested – DH, ATL
I’d consider Prolia if my density was not improving, seeing that it has been proven to work on others – A/F, NJ
I like the word proven. Makes me feel at ease – NT, STL

68% is a game-changer; women want to be in that success group. It is important to note that the number is compelling more so than what the number refers to
68 percent figure is very powerful to me. It’s proven, statistics to back up their claims that it reduces risk. I’ve already broken my big toe… I’d like to reduce risk as much as possible – P, NJ
I like statistics and 68% is high. Suggests success of Prolia. Most important, influential -- P, ATL
I was knocked out by the 68 percent figure. That’s huge! – DH, ATL
68 percent makes me think they have evidence, that they’ve really tested the medication – NT, STL
Women associated the convenience benefit with 1 shot every 6 months and were eager
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