A Brief Note On Broken Windows Theory And Community Policing

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Broken Windows theory is important to community policing. Wilson and Kelling(1989) showed that crime and disorder are related, which shows if police are able to keep the community, environment in order it can prevent crime. Popularity of community policing was high in the late 20th century with 85% having some community policing involvement with police departments (Skogan 2004, which was even more popular with big cites. Community involvement is a key to community policing and at the end of the 20th century 70% of departments had meetings with citizens (BJS 2001). A main concept of community policing is to create a positive relationship with the community. This allows community to help police prioritize its goals and change it tactics which in return the community is able to help itself. Community policing should be unique to the city since each city has its own problem, an example of this would be Los Angeles wouldn 't have the same exact tactics as a city in New Hampshire because there are different problems and a different culture in each. If community believes its main problem is gang member than the police needs to prioritize that issue but if the community considers its main problem is prostitution this needs to be dealt with by the police. This is much different than traditional policing in the way that the police prioritize their assignments. Many police who aren 't involved with the community will not take advice from them and mostly interact with only the part

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