A Brief Note On Business And Information Technology

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Information Technology is very essential everywhere to run a business company. This is only one thing that facilitate a company’s staff to do everything such as writing documents, sending e-mail, having conferences at long geographical distances in the world, having IP phones to communicate inside of the company, having VPN (virtual private network) to let workers to work from home and etc.
IT has bad and good sides so to prevent any kind of unwanted mistakes is required to have a good knowledge about it.


Business is an organization that provides goods or services to their clients in order to get money (BBC, 2014). In this world there are lots of different types of businesses like banks, shopping centres, schools, restaurants, jewellers, warehouses and etc.
All businesses now days are mainly based on computers and information systems. For example if a company wants to keep record of financial sales the best way to do it is to type it on word documents therefore it will be easier to copy and store it in different places.
Technology allows a company to do everything easily:
- Have faster communication.
- Save big amount of time
- Send and receive electronic mail from any country.
- Store and Back-up important data in different places which allows to have a recovery data when any inconvenient situation occurs.
- Have conferences online in real-time with no restriction that are based environmental distances.
- Have IP phones…
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