A Brief Note On Business Management For A Nursing Home

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Analysis of a Career in Business Management INTRODUCTION
Walking into a nursing home one can’t help notice the overwhelming smell and the people in the wheelchairs and other residents who walk down the hall with assistance. Although you may not want to go one step further past the entrance, if one can get past the smell, one will see the many smiles on these people’s faces. You will see a helping hand, and hear a joy in their voice. These people are nurses and CNA’s, and last but not least, these are business managers. One might never think that a business manager in a nursing home would really help with anything but bill you, but they are so much more than that. Business managers, in a nursing home are going to be team leaders, and patient advocates. They are going to walk you through paperwork, and make it comfortable for you and your family. Business managers in a nursing home are going to make the process simple for you and your loved ones.
Business managers may not be the back bone of the health care system, but they do help keep the place running, and without this you may not have a health care facility. For any future graduates who are looking into the health care field but yet doesn’t like blood, there are many options and this just might be one. This report will explore the world of business management in the healthcare field from a personal interview and online literature. This research will touch on 5 major areas such as responsibilities, work…
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