A Brief Note On Cad And Cam Packages

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Task 1
The manufacturing process over the last decade has been transformed, by the several modern CAD and CAM packages offered to companies. Modernising their technologies that are used in their facilities/site. Due to this traditional methods by the use of manual machines and drawing methods are being replaced by the more efficient CNC machines programmed by CAM packages. Therefore, the dated drawing methods of pen and paper on a drawing board are by revolutionised by the new computer aided design software, which creates drawing to a more detail aspect for the customers. This is pushed forward technology in this industry forward and to the modern age, company and their customers are more satisfied with the information and design views in place when designed their products.
CAD/CAM is a computer based manufacturing and design software, used massively in engineering and also in other fields of manufacture. CAD/CAM can produce drawings in higher quality detail as well as producing machine programmes for CNC machines.(Inc, 2016)
CAD meaning computer aided design, produces high quality 2d and 3d drawings and designs produce by manufacturing companies. CAD offers companies the ability to draw their products (normally drawn in 2d on a drawing board in traditional methods) in a fully constructed 3d design, which the company is able to see their products in 3d and know how they will look like, when created in or made. However they will benefit from CAD by being able to see problems

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