A Brief Note On Canada 's Health Care System Essay

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Introduction: Canada 's health care system is a group of socialized health insurance plans that provides coverage to all Canadian citizens. It is publicly funded and administered on a provincial or territorial basis, within guidelines set by the federal government. Under the health care system, individual citizens are provided preventative care and medical treatments from primary care physicians as well as access to hospitals, dental surgery and additional medical services. With a few exceptions, all citizens qualify for health coverage regardless of medical history, personal income, or standard of living. In addition to public health care providers such as primary care doctors and hospitals, many private clinics offering specialized services also operate in Canada. http://www.canadian-healthcare.org . In this assignment, I am going to explain how different rules in two social systems (Public Hospitals vs. Walk-in Clinics) have a strong impact on humans’ behaviors. Hospitals and clinics, can we call them organizations? A deep thinking about public hospitals and walk-in clinics gives us an overview of the similarities between the two social systems. We can certainly apply the definition of an organization to both of them. They are artifact. They brought into existence by humans. By humans I mean: patients, doctors, nurses and other workers (social entities). They all interact within the same social system to achieve one obvious goal centered around health service. While
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