A Brief Note On Cap And Trade System

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Cap and Trade “A carbon cap and trade system has long been rumored to be in the offing at the federal level as a way to both reduce emissions and raise revenue for transit, and transportation, investment. That said, few truly understand how the proposed system works and how it might impact their community” ("An Introduction to Cap-and-Trade Programs"). To better understand what is cap and trade, we have to know why we need to have this system.
A long time ago, cap and trade use to be known as “Emissions Trading.” Is is a set of policies that results to a mandatory cap on pollution. Around the world, governments have successfully worked on this cap and trade system.
A carbon trade is an exchange of credits between nations designed to
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The pollutions that are related to carbon cap and trade are the greenhouse and global warming. The steps of understanding what cap and trade means, is by breaking it down into two. “Cap” is a limit that is defined by scientists as the greenhouse gas emissions; companies have to pay a fine if their emissions are produced over that limit. The “Trade” part is a business opportunity for organizations to purchase and offer stipends that allow them to discharge just a specific sum. Trading gives organizations a solid motivation to spare cash by cutting pollution. A cap and trade system is made to manage and reduce the greenhouse gas pollution around the world. Back then, when the people 's living qualities got improved, they never thought about the results of what they did when they build many factories. The didn’t realize that these factories could have a bad effect on the environment or that we could drastically affect the world the way it is now. Even now that people have realized that they are living in a terrible environment, most people still ignore it, because we are so used to it how we lived before.
Some people now cannot live without certain substances, such as the those who smoke cannot live without tobacco. People who drive a car every day are not going to stop driving their car if someone tells them "you are driving too much which is bad because your car is producing too much exhaust.” If people are thinking that they don’t
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