A Brief Note On Cardiovascular And Respiratory Assessment

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Cardiovascular and Respiratory Assessments Nurses play a vital role in the management of problems presented by patients through nursing practice, research, and patient education (Abbas, 2015). This paper will discuss chest pain and the factors surrounding it, along information collected from two patients with cardiac and respiratory diseases. Assessment techniques including checking capillary refill time, skin turgor, color and temperature of the upper and lower extremities, peripheral pulse checks, and pulse amplitudes and the significance of noted abnormalities will also be discussed in this paper. With increased proficiency in assessment skills, nurses can make a significant contribution to the quality of care delivery in the health care field. Chest Pain of a CAD Patient: S.O.A.P. Notes Subjective: Patient T.B. is a 74 year old female African American presented to the Emergency Room complaining of chest pain which began at home. She stated that she was just relaxing at home and she developed chest pain. She called EMS. The chest pain did resolve before she reached the ER, but recurred again in the ER, each episode lasting for at least half an hour long. Chest pain was described as heavy pressure and she pointed at her central chest region. She denied radiating pain to the neck, jaw, back, shoulders, or arms. She gave her pain a rating of eight out of ten. She was slightly short of breath and oxygen two liters per minute via nasal cannula was applied. She was given
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