A Brief Note On Cataract Elementary School Website

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There were several sources used to obtain information provided in this report. The first and main source used was from the Cataract Elementary School website. This source provided information concerning the school, and academic affairs. Another source used was my personal experience of walking around the school, and taking note of pictures, and children’s artwork on the walls. Also from personal experience, the mission and school mottos were obtained from seeing the school walls, and were included in this report. Another source used was The Niagara Falls School District handbook, providing a plethora of information regarding school rules, activities, and community service opportunities for students and families. Two sources were used concerning NYSED data assessment. The last two sources concern strategies to use in future years of teaching, providing great examples of what to incorporate in a classroom.
2.) Cataract Elementary is a school located in Niagara Falls on Girard Avenue. It was established in 2007, and students from 60th and 66th street schools merged into Cataract Elementary. Its name “cataract,” comes from Niagara Fall’s immense waterfall. This school is only one level, which gives it a close-knit type of feel when being at the school; it also contains grade levels Pre-k up to grade six. Cataract Elementary has around five hundred and fifteen students along with forty-two teachers and a staff system of twenty-five individuals. These teachers and staff members…
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