A Brief Note On Cervical Cancer And Breast Cancer

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Likewise, Jennifer et al. (2004) and Nancy et al. (2013) agree that cervical cancer and breast cancer continue to be prevalent in Appalachian Kentucky as a result of personal behavioral choices of the residents which include alcohol consumption and sedentary lifestyle. Failure to afford health care makes it almost impossible for Appalachian women to undertake cancer screening. In rural Kentucky, it has been observed that there is a shortage of medical equipment to properly provide women with the much needed cancer care. This is not only discouraging women to visit clinics, but it also discourages them from relying on technology for health literacy, information on disease control, and prevention (Jennifer et al, 2004). Cancer Screening…show more content…
This might be due to the fact that cancer screening is somewhat expensive, for example Morgan et al, reveals that colorectal cancer screening is $125. This amount is very costly for Kentucky Appalachian residents who survive on low income and very few individuals can afford health insurance to cover those costs (Morgan et al, 2014). David (1973) accounts for a case study that was carried out in Leslie County Kentucky that investigated how serious the residents take screening tests. 751 households were invited to partake on multiphasic screening, 489 reacted to the invitation and of the 498, 281 actually showed up for the screening. The excuses made by the households that did not respond to the invitation and those who responded but did not show up included family illness, transportation costs, fear “ that the exam would reveal illness” and work commitments (David 1973). This reveals how Kentuckians place very little importance on screening yet screening is one of the fundamental tests used to detect cancer in its early stages. Individual behavior Ignorance, attitude and individual beliefs contribute to the limited knowledge that women hold. Appalachians have very little trust on internet information which can assist them in identifying early signs of

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