A Brief Note On Child Vulnerability And Marginalisation

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Prof. Mohua Nigudkar Aiswarya Somanathan
Centre for Equity and Justice for Children and Families M2014CF002
School of Social Work MA Social Work in Children & family

Vulnerability can be defined as a situation where an individual or a group of people can be easily prone to exploitation and discrimination. Vulnerability and marginalization can be connected as two sides of a coin. Vulnerability can be defined in various aspects by looking it as a contributing factor and on the basis of its dimensions, impact. Vulnerability as a relative and the dynamic concept can be described as the decreasing capacity of the individual or a group of the person not able to cope, resists, recovers or anticipates the natural or manmade disaster as the majority of other people able to do. Vulnerable groups or individual will not be able to access the resources which are available for them and thereby reduce their resilience power. Children, pregnant women, elderly people, mentally challenged, landless people, people in poverty are some of the vulnerable group of people. Addressing the vulnerability and the issues of the vulnerable people has to start from the base level of avoiding the situation of getting into vulnerability. Marginalization strongly associated with the term vulnerability. It…
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