A Brief Note On Christians, Muslims, And Secular

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The purpose of this research is aimed at studying how Christians, Muslims, and Secular participants view methods assessed by people attitudes toward environmental issues.
The biggest peril change to humanity this century is the change in climate. Regional and
National governments worldwide are reducing emissions to increase pressure of greenhouse gases. Electricity generation is a prominent source of greenhouse gas emission, a status that has prompted efforts to decarbonize their sector ( ).There are a number of ways this is being achieved through the development of technology by
Carbon Capture and Storage and other carbon intensive industries, to reduce emissions from fossil fuel burning plants. The UK government sees Carbon Capture and Storage as one of the most cost effective ways to achieve the decarbonisation of the UK’s power sector and has demonstrated its commitment to Carbon Capture and Storage commercialization by investing over two billion in Carbon Capture and Storage research and development to date(3 ).
However, opinions by the public concerning technology will affect the speed. There are a number of factors that might influence people’s perceptions of new technology such as; attitudes, values, and beliefs. “Well known example of poorly received technologies such as, nuclear power stations, wind farms and more recently hydraulic fracturing illustrate how public acceptance or rejection of technologies can facilitate or inhibit…
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