A Brief Note On Civil Rights For Minorities Essay

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Katherine Suarez
Race in America
Professor. R
December, 5 2016
Civil Rights for Minorities
On the social level, a minority is a numerically smaller group; however it can also be a excluded from the circles of power or group discriminated by others that concentrate greater rights or benefits.
In the early twentieth century, they were considered minority national groups didn’t feel represented within the territorial boundaries in which they found themselves. Their demands and dissatisfactions played a decisive role in the outbreak of the World War I and irresolute situation continued even after the end of the World War II. It was groups seeking to emancipate the country or empire on which were a minority and wanted to get greater representation of their interests in various ways, where the formation of new countries and states seemed to be the objective. This phenomenon was observed mainly in Europe. But can it say that this phenomenon also existed at the same time, in a country where was responsible for finishing it? It sounds very ironic but unfortunately it was a reality.
After World War II the United States of America, the emergence of other minorities with more global scope is observed. This time it was groups demanding recognition and inclusion in society and the country or state in which they lived. It was a struggle for equal rights and end to discrimination. Two of these groups who demanded civil equality within the country in which they lived were African
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