A Brief Note On Clinical Laboratory Science Management Essay

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Healthcare Reimbursement in the Laboratory Tiffanee James November 14, 2016 Clinical Laboratory Science Management Georgia McCauley PhD, MBA, MT(AMT), CRA Introduction One thing that is consistent in healthcare is that healthcare is forever evolving. With the concept of evolution, one particular area that plays a major role in how the healthcare system evolves is revenue. In addition, healthcare facilities receive payment for the services provided. When exploring healthcare services reimbursement there are checks and balances that must take place. The healthcare provider orders services such as radiology and laboratory services that can be provided to a patient. Next, the facility sends a claim to the insurance company. Depending upon how the healthcare facility has coded the service and the documentation deeming the service as medically necessary determines if the facility receives payment for those services. This research is focusing on the laboratory in relation to healthcare reimbursement. To start, one must focus on the background of healthcare reimbursement and how it pertains to the laboratory. Next, it is important to look into the practices of reimbursement in the laboratory for the services provided including the rates that are currently enforced. Lastly knowing what fees will aid in the laboratory receiving the maximum reimbursement. The Background of Healthcare Reimbursement Complicated and always changing are a few characteristics that describe Healthcare
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