A Brief Note On Collaboration And Teamwork Among Health Care

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Introduction The capacity and disciplines sustaining human medicine and patient care overlap diverse fields. A patient admitted to the health care facility is typically under the care of a specific team of professionals who provide effective care by collaborating with other professionals in interrelated field of medicine. Collaboration and teamwork among health care professionals is fundamentally the key to positive patient outcomes. Essentially, each member of the health care team is specifically trained in distinctive knowledge and skill that enables them to be most excellent and do their very best in their specific roles. Working together as a team engenders specific strengths of each discipline to focus on the care of the patient, complements and augments any weaknesses or flaws of other teammates. Applicably, effective interdisciplinary relationships in the health care system, decrease costs and improve patient satisfaction, while improving general health care worker satisfaction. In this paper I will discuss various health care interdisciplinary relationships, including radiology, working in the emergency room, and working with the pharmaceutical company that market department needs to foster effective collaboration with the development department. Also, I discuss ways to avoid and resolve conflict, how to work as a team and collaborate with other departments, and ways to improve the process. Furthermore, how interdisciplinary relationships affect my
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