A Brief Note On Common Acts Of Discrimination

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Common acts of discrimination occur to minority populations in the workplace on a daily basis in a variety of subtle ways. Deitch, Barsky, Chan, etc. decided to examine the results of subtle discrimination and how often it occurs to minority populations with a series of three data samples since racism is treated as a airy occurrence to those who don’t experience it. There were three propositions made on the basis of reasoning to explain the subtle yet detrimental impact slight discrimination has on Blacks in comparison to White counterparts. The first hypothesis stated that Blacks will report more mistreatment in the workplace than Whites. The second hypothesis stated that the experience of everyday mistreatment is associated negatively with well-being, such that individuals experiencing more everyday mistreatment will report lower well-being. The third hypothesis claimed that the relationship between race and well-being is mediated by the amount of everyday mistreatment experienced in the workplace. The evidence from each study did in fact support each hypothesis; Blacks do experience a negative aftermath following an experience of subtle discrimination in the workplace.
In my opinion, the results of these studies were quite reflective of how discrimination plays out for Blacks in comparison to Whites in the workplace. According to the article, each hypothesis was consistent with the idea that mistreatment was strongly negatively related to emotional well-being. Black do
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