A Brief Note On Cost And Effectiveness Of Medicaid

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Examining the Cost and Effectiveness of Medicaid
Medicaid is a government initiative that is aimed at facilitating access to health care for beneficiaries. Studies shows that this option is cheaper compared to other health insurance schemes especially those sponsored by employers, otherwise known as employer-sponsored insurance (ESI). Several studies have been conducted on the difference that Medicaid makes. Studies show that there is a huge number of Americans without insurance. This number mostly comprises the poor population who cannot afford insurance. The government came up with this insurance scheme as a way of helping out the poor population, and the unemployed who cannot afford or access employer sponsored insurance.
Studies show
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A Review of Medicaid Insurance
Medicaid is a government insurance initiative that was started in 1965. The objective of the scheme is to provide health insurance to low-income citizens, as well as their families. Medicaid places more emphasis on covering people with disabilities, parents, children, pregnant women and the elderly from low-income families (CBPP, 2014). Both the state and federal governments are responsible for funding the program. Each state has its own independent Medicaid program that operates within the set federal guidelines. These guidelines are broad and give states some sort of flexibility in the design and administration of the programs.
According to CBPP (2014), Medicaid has an eligibility criterion that is used to determine who qualifies for program, and who does not. Anybody who meets this criterion can enroll in the program. The following is the criterion for eligibility into the Medicaid program.
1. Children below the age of 18 years, coming from families whose incomes fall below 133% of the poverty line determined by the federal government.
2. Low-income pregnant women falling below 133% of the poverty line
3. Parents from families whose income falls within the eligibility limit that attracts cash assistance from the state.
4. People with disabilities and the elderly who receive cash assistance from the state.
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