A Brief Note On Crime And Crime Rates

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Crime is one of the major issues that America has been facing for over one hundred years. Although crime has been steadily decreasing ever since the 1990’s there are still a lot of room for improvement. With this issue bring many subsequent problems, such as incarcerated people per capita. This doesn 't only have an extreme burden on those incarcerated and their families, but also on the federal government. This costs them billions of dollars every year to control delinquent behavior but it still hasn 't worked to its full potential. There are three topics containing four variables that must be considered when attempting to reduce crime rates. This includes police, surveillance, and federal assistance. The variables they produce are,…show more content…
The first studied found there was a strong correlation between the rate at which someone is arrested for an offense and the rate of the same offense (Tittle and Rowe, 1974). This was mostly seen in robberies, when a robber was arrested the rate of robberies would slightly decrease. This poses two reason of the decrease, either the other people who frequently rob people do it less frequently because they are frightened to also be arrested, or that the robber who was arrested was a repeat offender. This is interesting because it doesn 't have to be one or the other, the reality is that there is most likely a mix of both happening. This effect was examined by another researcher who coined the term the tipping effect, and understood that clearance rates only affect some crime rates and not in others depending on the offense (Bailey n.d.). This means that the clearance of a crime, which is the closing of an open case, either by arrest, death, etc. could not always positively impact the crime rate. This is not only a difference in violent crimes and property crimes because there was a negative association found in property crimes and clearance rates (Logan, 1975).
This poses four main problems, first the fact that crime rates and clearance rates directly influence each other. This is a major road block that is preventing the causal effect of the independent variable on the crime
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