A Brief Note On Crime And Its Effect On Society

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31: Criminology How much crime exists in the UK? P1,P2 Crime in relation to deviance is similar, outcomes and consequences differ but the principle is the same. Crime is possibly relative to society, interpreted by based views and morals built up on normative judgement. In the latter, one could say society creates deviants resulting in crime. If there was no laws to be broken then crime would not exist. Norms in society are the foundations of evil and good, people use norms as a way to perceive their own morality and ever changing values. As Durkheim (1982,p6-p15) explains that crime is inevitable, as society has shared morals and values. Someone is always bound to stray from these. Ultimately, it must be realised that his idea is to show evaluation of deviance is identified by moral boundaries. This in effect makes it difficult to give a straight forward answer to ‘what is crime’,many factors and theories influence the view of crime and how it is shown to us. One way is media. Media has a huge impact as to how we perceive crime, the severity and effect. It shows us how acceptable and far we can go when doing a crime. The media also portray many stereotypes in crime. Certain acts and appearance of a individual also makes us judge crimes. For example, Mark Duggan who was supposedly a criminal and being investigated by the police, was shot dead on 4th August 2011. It had been suspected that the police had a wrong doing when Duggan was shot. This sparked Riots across England
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