A Brief Note On Criminal And Terrorist Networks

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(p. 320). Criminal and terrorist networks have a major advantage in this region due to the natural cover it provides. Another form of cover TOC and terrorist organizations enjoy is that of the local populace. The TOC and terrorist organizations in the area are heavily embedded within the local population, where the majority of indigenous people are unskilled laborers in fields such as farming. Nadelmann (1988) states that little expertise is required to become a smuggler and hundreds of poorly educated farmers can participate in the drug market (p 90). For many, drug trafficking is the only reasonable way to make an income, and so many participate in the business to the point where it essentially becomes socially acceptable. Meanwhile, according to Hudson (2010), a tightly knit Arab community is able organize terrorist activities with the protection of alibis backed up by the rest of the community, making the Arab community difficult to penetrate with surveillance (p. 9). In summary, there are many problematic conditions in the area, but the relative lawlessness in the region coupled with the weak government is what mainly contributes to the unmonitored TOC activities in the TBA. By fulfilling the military end state of strengthening peacetime forces in the area, the ability to operate in the TBA will be greatly hampered and the TBA governments will be able to better counteract TOC and terrorist networks due to confidence in their abilities and equipment. This would help

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