A Brief Note On Criminal Justice And Services

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Onika Searchwell
Victim Law and Services
March 24, 2015
Within the past couples of decades much scrutiny has been the topic of domestic violence. The role of police discretion has been emphasized by researchers and the effects that arrest have on recidivism rates. Arrest rates are high and prosecution rates are low due to the arrest policies that have been put into place. An uncooperative witness can result in low rates of prosecution due to a victim deciding not to go through with pressing charges against the offender. When it comes down to domestic violence cases they mainly rely on the victim’s testimony. Prosecutors are forced to dismiss charges against the offender if the victim does not cooperate. The sole purpose of prosecutors not following through with domestic violence is because there is a change of heart from the victim, this was founded by The National Institute of Justice. When going through the process of cooperating with prosecutors’ victims sometimes find themselves being re-victimized. Dealing with the criminal justice process when it comes to general crimes, it has been found that these are some of the general factors. The generalization of domestic violence is difficult because of the distinctive factors that may be between partners. This falls under the consideration of prosecution which includes the victim or witness cooperation. If there is a past relationship with the victim’s abuser, prosecutor are likely not to pursue the case, especially…
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