A Brief Note On Criminology And The Novel ' The Cold Blood '

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Criminology is a subject that attracts the general public by the masses, a fascination that can be seen from reality TV shows such as “Cops” to fiction works of “Law and Order”, and to other spectrum of non-fiction such as NPR’s “Serial” outlining the murder of Hei Min Li in the 90’s and Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood.” These examinations of non-fiction amass such a cult following for a reason, and it’s because it makes a good story. A story that would otherwise be boring were it not for the selection and elimination of certain facts to wind a tale that keeps the attention of the listener or reader, the same methods and techniques used by those in the legal system to bend the outcome and conviction to what they would like it to be. Just as a lawyer utilizes the necessary tools to lead the jury and judge to the conclusion that erases any essence of reasonable doubt, so does Capote with his particular structure, object motifs, and character buildup. Hickman suggests that Capote is such an individual that he enjoys the shock value an individual may have when witnessing an event, or in the case of his nonfiction novel, he may revel in the shock a reader has when discovering the horrors that occurred in the little town of Holcomb, Kansas .(Hickman,465). However such upset cannot be created without jarring evidence and a lack of distraction, a guiding hand lent by a lawyer or in story teller to lead the reader to erase any reasonable doubt that the murderer is defendants are

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