A Brief Note On Cross Cultural Communication Within The Company

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Problems or difficulties of cross-cultural communication within the company Language problem and other difficulties. English is the communication language within the company but it’s not native for the Russian managers. Therefore, they admit some difficulties related to this, such as sometimes it’s necessary to ask for the details from their American colleagues to understand their requests better. American managers admit the language difficulties as well but they understand that it’s not easy to express oneself in a foreign language. There are also differences in the approach to the business correspondence, e. g. the American managers use many introductory and conclusive phrases, while Russian managers go straight to the business and often…show more content…
Moreover, Russian colleagues are perceived as a bit negative and American ones as too optimistic regarding new ideas: “Russian colleagues can be, I don’t want to say “negative”, but there is always an element of an argument to what they do. When you bring up an idea instead of always looking at anything optimistic they say “yes, but…”. It’s always something a kind of negative and there is no optimistic look. I don’t know if it’s cultural, I’m not sure. Sometimes it is said that people in the USA are too optimistic, but it’s one of the biggest things that I can see” (Participant 5). This observation is in compliance with Thomalin and Nicks (2007) and Bergelson (2003) who describe Russians as more fatalistic and Americans as having a “can do” attitude. Also American colleagues avoid the word “problem” and start to discuss business issues from the positive things. While Russian managers concentrate on the negative things first. Stress during cross-cultural communication. Four out of six managers have some stress during cross-cultural communication with their Russian or American colleagues. According to the opinion of one American manager, around 80% of the American employees agree that it would be less stressful if there could be less communication with their Russian colleagues. Russian managers have
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