A Brief Note On Cross Cultural Leadership Skills

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I. Cross-Cultural Leadership
Cross Cultural Leadership involves leaders that have knowledge of not only the leadership skills but are also aware of the cultural differences of different countries. Today’s best leaders realize that diversity sparks innovation, leads to better decision making, and spurs growth. Today, every leader needs to understand the complexity of diversity issues, learn to create an inclusive culture, and to support the development of minorities for higher-level leadership position. The goal for today’s leaders is to recognize that each person can bring value and strengths to the workplace based on his or her own combination of diverse characteristics. (Richard, 2011)
Importance & Need of Cross-Cultural leadership
Data presented in this section has been taken from coursera.org, a very popular educational website offering different online courses in subjects such as business, social science, computer science, etc. It is taken from the course named “The Power of Team Culture”. Professor Andrew Ng and Profesor Daphne Koller, (deptt. Of Computer Science) made this website in April 2012. We have also considered articles from Entrepreneurs’ Organization having a mission to engage entrepreneurs to learn, grow, and lead. An International Keynote speaker, seminar leader and consultant Dr. Deborah Swallow who has worked in over 30 countries for the past fifteen years dealing with complexities of people working internationally across multiple cultures, founded this…
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