A Brief Note On Cross Laminated Timber Act

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Cross Laminated Timber Over the past few decades, practitioners and researchers across the world have managed to make advancements in building system technologies that require the use of large dimension engineered wood panel elements, columns and beams. Commonly referred to as “mass timber”, these engineered wood products have given builders and designers the ability to construct large scale structures with higher performance for commercial use. Mass timber has revolutionized the use of wood in the construction industry, resulting in new methods and techniques of construction that were never before realized with wood as a material. Cross Laminated Timber acts as an example of one of the mass timber products that is giving wood construction a whole new meaning thanks to its innovative technology and revolutionary methods. Example of CLT construction Designed by Waugh Thistleton Architects, the Stadthaus building located in Hackney London, acts as an example of a CLT constructed high-rise building. The Stadthaus was the tallest high-rise timber construction on the planet at the time of its completion in 2009 (Stadthaus n.p). In constructing the building, the architects employed CLT panels as load bearing walls and slabs. The designers had prior experience with the use of CLT technology before constructing the Stadthaus. They had made practical use of CLT in projects involving low-rise educational, commercial and industrial housing projects. In the construction of the

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