A Brief Note On Culture And Everyday Life

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Culture and Everyday Life

The term culture itself, is very broad. It is defined in many different ways by many different people around the world. Culture includes all the aspects from your everyday life. Most people don’t know it, but everything you do is part of your culture; it is a tradition. Culture consists of things such as clothes, family, food, and religion, all the way to recreation, gender roles, music, and art. However, when you enter a new type of environment with your own cultural heritage, it forces you to adapt and change. With this, a person’s culture consistently informs the way we view the world and others. This is especially true when people’s cultural traditions are confronted with a new culture and environment. Having the idea of leaving your native country and going somewhere new, is a hard event to conquer and take in. In the personal essay “Two Ways to Belong in America” by Bharati Mukherjee, her and her sister Mira are confronted with the new American culture; being immigrants from India. In this passage, Mira and Bharati choose to embrace their cultural heritage in different ways. From their perspective, they said that “In one family, from two sister alike as peas in a pod, there could not be a wider divergence of immigrant experience” (71). This quote shows that the when Mira and Bharati arrive in America, different instincts “kick in” for them and they choose to become two different people. Mira, chooses to embrace her Indian culture heritage…
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