A Brief Note On Culture And Parenting Essay

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Michael Ibiwoye.
“Mommy I won’t do it again” I stuttered loudly. I really didn’t know how serious I was about that promise, but my body definitely knew it didn’t want to receive any form of whipping again. That was the first time of getting whipped by my mom, and I was only four years old. I remember wishing death upon myself, with every stroke of my father’s belt on my body. What was I thinking when I went to the bathroom on the front porch of the house? I was probably thinking I could get away with it since I was just four, or I was not thinking at all. An "abused child" includes any child whose parent or immediate family member or person responsible for the child 's welfare/individual residing in the same house/paramour of child 's parent inflicts excessive corporal punishment (Secs. 325 5/3/ [Civil Code]). If this rule existed in Nigeria, I’m certain my mother would have been sentenced to prison for child abuse and child services would have intervened. Breaking this law results to several years in prison. Imagine spending 8years in prison for smacking your child. To the non-western culture, this seems extreme because what is called “child abuse” by the western culture is actually “discipline” to them. But what indicates what abuse is and what discipline is?
Growing up as a kid born into a religious and highly cultural home, my parents never had second thoughts about smacking me especially when I deserved to be smacked. The surprising thing is when…
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