A Brief Note On Cyber Crime Shootings Report

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Investigating and Responding to Cyber Crime Incidents Report Introduction “Computer forensics is the equivalent of surveying a crime scene or performing an autopsy on a victim” (James Borek 2001). We need to ask ourselves a question, how many people in our organization had or will have any law enforcement training, anyone would have the qualifications and the skill to present enough evidence that can and will be acceptable in any court of law. No matter what kind of incident there is, the analysis should not be treated differently. Any manager or supervisor knows how to examine the incident? Is the company going to do their own examination of the incident by using their own personal, should the owner/s bring extra support from the police…show more content…
By reviewing the severity of the incident, the company will mitigate how much of an impact the incident cause in the organization, and they need to contain it and recover from the incident. Afterward, if the incident is adequately handled, the company should issue a report with details of the cause and how much damage the incident cost, the steps the company would take to avoid any future incidents again. Explain the action plan on how the security breach should be investigated We have to remember the ramification and consequences cause by a security breach, it can be from prejudicial and damaging the organization reputation, losing your customers, a major law suit against the organization which can and will cost millions in damages because of the security breach. The next steps any organization should take after a security breach should be: 1. A team to inspect and question how it happens the security breach 2. Administer and oversee an investigation of the security breach 3. Establish a developing and composing a notification strategy 4. Analyze and review the policies and procedures 5. Communication plan The procedure of the incident response team will typically give priority to establish a unit with capabilities to be ready and also ensure that the systems, networks and all the applications are adequately and sufficiently secure. The incident response team is not responsible for any of the
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