A Brief Note On Cyberbullying And Its Effect On Society

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Cyberbullying 1

Beth Harrison
December 14, 2014
CRJU 404
Bridgewater State University

Cyberbullying 2
Cyberbullying in Media
Television shows, news broadcasts and the internet are all sources of media. Everything we consume as humans affects us in some way, whether it is positive or negative it shapes who we are in society. The media plays a huge role in everything, the way we speak, act, carry ourselves and sways us into buying goods.
Facebook, Instagram, Kik, ask.fm and Twitter are among the most popular social media networking sites. In today’s society social media is advertised as a great way to stay connected. It promotes the idea that you’ll never be out of contact with anyone in the
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The one person that makes a negative comment can start a chain reaction and before you know it this girl is attacked with all these negative comments. Not only will this girl be attacked online but also when she goes to school, she will have to face the bullying and harassment in person.
Bullying has different forms; the use of a cell phone, e-mail or access to the internet is just a few. Technology has evolved over the years and almost everyone owns some type of cell
Cyberbullying 3 phone. Teens and young children are being introduced to more and more technology such as cell phones, laptops and tablets. Parents claim to be giving them technology because they want them to be safe, which may be the case; however, their children just might be using it for other purposes as well. The parents of these young children and teens must realize what they child has the potential to do with the technology they are given. Anyone from all ages and backgrounds can be cyberbullied. However people who are between the ages of 9-18 are frequent targets (Hinduja & Patchin, 2010). People who have low self-esteem are often attacked with harsh words or threats. Typically, if someone is around the age of 12 and they are from a different ethnic background and cannot speak very good English, they are more likely to just put up with the bullying rather than report it to someone. Or whoever is getting cyberbullied will feel like if they report the behavior, the
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