A Brief Note On Cyberbullying And Its Effect On Society

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Cyberbullying 1 Beth Harrison December 14, 2014 CRJU 404 Bridgewater State University Cyberbullying 2 Cyberbullying in Media Television shows, news broadcasts and the internet are all sources of media. Everything we consume as humans affects us in some way, whether it is positive or negative it shapes who we are in society. The media plays a huge role in everything, the way we speak, act, carry ourselves and sways us into buying goods. Facebook, Instagram, Kik, ask.fm and Twitter are among the most popular social media networking sites. In today’s society social media is advertised as a great way to stay connected. It promotes the idea that you’ll never be out of contact with anyone in the world, and you’ll always be able to see what they are up to. This freely openness over the internet leads to positive matters, such as being able to express yourself, post pictures, make comments, connect and make new friends etc. After all this positive feedback from these sites, there is also a negative side. That side is Cyberbullying; so ultimately is social media really a great way to interact and stay in touch? Cyberbullying is different from the stereotypical school boy getting beat up for his lunch money type of bullying. Cyberbullying follows the individual home and even everywhere else they go. For example, if a girl posts a picture of herself on her social media site, some people will make either positive or
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