A Brief Note On Cyberstalking And Identity Fraud

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Nithin Gopal D V00748371 Cyberstalking and Identity fraud Cyberstalking is the form of using technology such as computers, mobiles, internet and other networks for stalking an individual. The criminals who use cyberstalking are called as Cyber stalkers. They use email, messages, phone calls and other communication devices to stalk and victimize people. Cyberstalking cases have been increasing these days and most people are not aware of this. Some of the most common cyberstalking comes from many forms and the most common tactics used are threatening, harassing or sending manipulative emails out from various accounts and hacking on the personal information and gaining access to the victim’s personal records or accounts. The recent records…show more content…
Most of the victims would end up paying the sum of money demanded and if they don’t pay up the money, the personal information would be lost in that stipulated time. Another example of cyberstalking that I came across was Joe Good’s cyberstalking case. His ex-fiancee Tawny hacked into his personal email and got him fired from his job. She stole personal information from his Yahoo account and sent obscene mails to his superiors at work. She manipulated him and got him arrested a number of times. She somehow gained access to his Yahoo account and obtained personal information and used it against him. She used the law to support her cause by showing that she was physically manhandled by Joe whereas actually she hurt herself physically and falsely accused him. She also threatened a land lord of Joe’s girlfriend and a former colleague of Joe’s. We must hence be careful while using passwords and sharing passwords. Passwords must not be shared and we should protect them from prying eyes. We cannot tell from where the hacker would target you and a small amount of negligence could land you in trouble and we could be a victim of cyberstalking. Identity fraud is faking one’s identity and using the identity for illicit means. This is an unlawful activity. It includes the usage of the identity of one person or a non- existing person to stalk the victim. Some of the possible indicators of identity fraud are unauthorized charges
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