A Brief Note On Darwinism Pro And Cons

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Option 2: Darwinism Pro/Cons
A heuristic is a mental process that is used to solve a specific problem. It is informal, intuitive and quick algorithm which brain uses to develop an estimate answer in response to a reasoning question. Mostly, heuristic is helpful because they permit to quickly make sense of a complex environment bur sometimes it is failing to correctly assess the world. When heuristics failed to develop a correct judgement, it sometimes results into cognitive bias. Bias is a tendency to draw an incorrect conclusion. The mismatch in our judgement and reality is the result of a bias. The heuristics are mainly used in the reasoning. The bias that heuristics can develop reflect the constraints of a reasoning system.
Darwin explain heuristic and bias in the evolution in terms of genetic change, the notion of gradualism, changes occurring in many generations (sometimes they occur very quickly and subjected to the evolutionary pressures), the concept of speciation (in which, new speices developed from existing species, common ancestry of the various species, tracing of the new species on the common branch, finally a original ancestor), the mechanism of the natural selection, about different mixtures of the genes, which are reproduced in comparison to others more successfully as a result of the various abilities of the individual organism to survive and reproduce in the common environment, and about the presence of the some processes that contributed in evolutionary
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