A Brief Note On Data Mining And Machine Learning

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MASTER OF COMPUTER and INFORMATION SCIENCES COMP 809 Data Mining & Machine Learning ASSIGNMENT ONE Semester 1, 2015 PART ‘A’ CASE STUDY FOR NEEDY STUDENTS IN A UNIVERSITY USING RFM MODEL BASED ON DATA MINING.(Bin, Peiji, & Dan, 2008)  ABSTRACT: Provision of education for each & every student should be the basic initiative for the government in colleges & universities. For higher education many students are short of their tuition fees with popularization of their educational course. In customer segmentation (RFM) i.e. Recency, frequency & monetary method plays an important role. The prime goal in this case study is to build customer segmentation RFM model in a university for needy students through dining room database. After collecting the database this study can be applied using K-means algorithm to identify students. Through case study, the needy students list can be generated & can be provided to the department of university as a reference.  INTRODUCTION: This case study is based on a China based university which comprises of 8323 students & it provides higher education in various fields. It is because the tuition fees is higher education is higher in China. The reform of higher education is depleting from universities in China. It is because of tuition fees increasing every year in china, many students cannot afford it which is major concern for their lifestyle. Due to this concern, government helps this university to build support system for

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