A Brief Note On Death By Social Media

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Death by social media. Social media, for most of world, was introduced with MySpace. They could reconnect with people they had lost touch with over the years and really share their day to day lives with each other. Social media was the beginning of a new era. As social media grew and continues to grow today the world is reaping the benefits. With many websites and smart phone apps, it is an important communication tool used all over the world. However beneficial, social media is extremely flawed. The world is seeing a loss in productivity and vital communication skills needed for day to day life. People all over the world are less productive since social media hit the big time. Lost productivity effects their personal lives, work lives…show more content…
This has happened to me one too many times at home. Instead of taking care of the pool or the lawn I was too busy telling people that I was going to do it. Most people, including myself, will say they are going to do something, wait for a bit of recognition and that gratification is enough to make them feel as good as if they had done the activity. They end up feeling great about their hard work but in reality none of the work has been done. Social media is used for just about everything so it is no surprise it is seen in the work place. Many businesses use social media to promote their work and bring in revenue. But social media in the work place does not end there. Employees will push the envelope and see what they can get away with. I once worked in a factory, in an area by myself and I knew I could have my cell phone out. With that came the temptation to socialize, via social networking. It was so bad at one point that I spent over an hour using social media without realizing. This type of behavior led to questions as to why my work was not done in a timely manner. Companies are losing money and valuable time because of the craze that is social media. Education is also suffering because of social media. Students everywhere, especially the younger generations, are extremely involved with social networking. When I was in high school I was involved in about twelve
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