A Brief Note On Depression And Its Effects On Our Lives

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How To Prevent Depression Also known as the “common cold” of mental disorders, depression affects nearly 121 million people worldwide and almost 80% of them don’t even receive specific treatment. Some researchers even believe that in approximately 20 years, depression will be more widespread than dental caries. Apart from the devastating psychological effects, depression also increases the risk of: heart disease, stroke, obesity and sleep disorders. Among your friends and family members, there is at least one person who suffered or still suffers from a different form of depression. So who is this silent predator which literally drains us of energy and brings only pain and suffering in our lives? A quick look into our past One thing’s…show more content…
One promising explanation comes from evolutionism. When it comes to explaining the causes of mental disorders, most researchers agree on the fact that each disorder served an adaptive purpose in the past. Depression is usually triggered by a traumatic event and that’s why the researchers launched the assumption that this mental disorder was actually a mechanism which kept the individual safe during tough times. In order to understand this, we have to go back to prehistoric times. If an individual suffered a loss or an injury, retreating and hiding seemed to be the best options. In those times, being vulnerable was equal to being the prey, which is why staying hidden until you heal was the perfect strategy. Apparently, the same mechanisms are responsible for the occurrence of depression. A person who feels depressed after a traumatic event will gradually retreat from social life. Since we no longer live in caves, this strategy doesn’t serve an adaptive purpose anymore. So how do we keep depression away? If you ever find yourself in a depressive episode, I strongly advise you to consult a specialist. You might be tempted to perceive the whole experience as a temporary phase that will eventually pass, but trust me, it can get a lot worse than you might imagine. As for keeping depression away, there are plenty of useful tips and tricks. Here’s 5 ways to prevent depression from taking over your
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