A Brief Note On Detective Elvis Cooper 's ' The Night '

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Missing Maddie
Detective Elvis Cooper was on the roof of his house observing the darkness that surrounded him until the first beam of golden light caught his eye. He had made a habit of going up there every night enjoying the peace. He went back into the house to dress for another day of work and settled down in a chair as the scent of coffee filled the room. Glancing at the daily telegraph headlines “Missing Maddie”, and coincidentally, his boss called him up and asked him to work on the case.
While Martin, Maddie’s best friend, was busy painting a picture when his mum turned up at school. She had never done that before. She was with Cooper, the detective. While Cooper whispered in Martin’s teacher’s ear, he ran over and gave his mum a big hug. His was taken into the corridor outside the classroom where there was a policeman. His mum spoke quickly, “You’re not in any trouble, but the policeman wants you to go into a special room they’ve got where there’s a video camera. They need to record what you say to Detective Cooper.”
“You know Maddie Mitchell?” Cooper asked.
Martin looked across to his mum who was standing by the sitting room door. Her arms were folded in front of her chest and her face had that stony look on it. It added to her intimidating demeanour. He looked back at Cooper and nodded.
“I don’t want you to worry but Maddie didn’t come home last night. We’re looking for her and asking her friends if they can help by answering our questions. Okay?”
Martin tried hard…
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